How to Become a 👩🏻‍🍳 Personal Chef

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

This video shares everything that has to do with the business of becoming a personal chef. I assume you already have cooking skills and an interest in entering this new cooking career.

You're welcome to read this blog article or check out the video below.

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I’ll be guiding you on how to go about getting a business license, how to talk to a new client about meal prep at a consultation, how to create menus, how to market yourself to potential new clients, and how to offer upsells to current clients.

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The two most common questions I get asked are, "how am I going to get new clients?" and “how do I go about pricing my services?”

Below are links to current videos so you can easily choose the topic that you need the most.

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→🎥 Common Misconceptions

→🎥 Personal vs. Private Chef

→🎥 Scheduling When You Already Have a Full-Time Job

→🎥 How Much to Charge For Meal Prep Services

→🎥 Chef Uniform

→🎥 Steps to Planning a Dinner Party & How Much to Charge

→🎥 How to Conduct a New Client Consultation for Meal Prep

→🎥 Meal Prep Q&A

→🎥 What if They Don't Like Your Food

→🎥 Publish a Cookbook for Free

→🎥 How to Get Clients

→🎥 Start-Up Costs of a New Business

→🎥 What's Tax Deductible in Your Chef Business

→🎥 Creating a Chef Website

→🎥 Offering Coupons & Discounts

→🎥 Upsells for Every Month of the Year

→🎥 Meal Prep Containers

→🎥 Grocery Store Tricks

Learn by Video or Blog, whatever works best for you!

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Grab your freebie "How to Become a Personal Chef, step by step."



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