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(Jan 3, 2021) New Year, New You! This is the year of your Personal Chef Business

It's a brand new year! It's the time for fresh starts, new ideas, innovation and makeovers. You signed up to learn more about becoming a personal chef. It's time to get out of the research phase and into taking action.

Based on a survey over the span of two months, these are some of the responses received from the question, "What's your main struggle in starting or progressing in your personal chef business?"

  • "Finding clients" 
  • "Marketing"
  • "Advertising"
  • "Marketing and getting clients"
  • "Making connections to offer my services"
  • "Getting clients"
  • "Building clientele"
  • "Clients"
  • "Booking new clients"
  • "Getting more clients"
  • "Finding a client"
  • "Finding consistent clientele"

Obviously you see a theme here. These cooks and chefs are struggling with the question, "how am I going to get clients?" and using that as an excuse to not begin their business.

Try a New Approach - New Year, New Approach!

This is the wrong question to be asking, "how am I going to get clients?" Instead, the question should be "what am I going to do today to generate one new lead for my business?" Note the difference is that one question suggests taking an action while the other implies helplessness - "how am I going to do this" versus "what action can I take to progress".

Maybe you already know what needs to be done to generate your first lead, but maybe you don't. If you're unsure about what lead generating activities you could be doing daily to begin or progress in your personal chef business, I welcome you to check out Lead Generation for Personal Chefs.

You'll learn how to define your ideal client, create a marketing plan, test strategies for your unique market, and implement a social media system that encourages engagement so that you can build a successful personal chef business where you control your own hours and income. 


It's wonderful to see perspectives on how others run their personal chef business. If you'd like to share your personal chef journey, I'd be honored to have you as the next guest post.

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