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Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

Okay, I started this video as "personal chef versus meal kit" but truly went on a tangent and spoke about robotic kitchens and smart appliances, oops.

You're welcome to read the blog post or watch the video below. Both are vastly different. Links to robotic kitchens and smart appliances are near the bottom of this article.

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Personal Chef vs Meal Kit

Today’s question is whether or not I think meal prep kits are going to put personal chefs out of business. By meal prep kit, I mean Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sunbasket, etc.

Similar to a personal chef, a meal kit is ordered from a menu of choices based on your dietary lifestyle. The kits usually have about ten choices and you pick three that you’d like delivered. Personal chefs of course have an unlimited supplies of meal offerings.

You choose the meal kit delivery in two or four servings to fit your family, similar to hiring a personal chef. With a meal kit, all ingredients and recipes are mailed to your home. Meanwhile the personal chef shows up with hand picked groceries.

Personal Chefs Recycle, Compost, and Reuse

When a personal chef goes to the grocery store, we often bring our own vegetable bags and reusable grocery bags so when we come to your home, there’s really not much waste. We compost. We recycle.

When a meal prep kit comes to your house, it arrives in a large box and has tons of packaging to keep it cold during travel. It’s a lot of material to recycle and compost. Whether or not it’s biodegradable, that’s still another step you have to do - bring the package in, open the package with a knife, unpack the groceries, read about how to dispose of the packing materials, bring the packing materials out to the trash/compost/recycle, and finally put away the groceries.

Personal chef meals are reheat and serve (5min) while meal kits are unpack, read, prep, cook, serve (30-60min)

Now that you have the ingredients, you still have to read the recipe then chop, cook and assemble the ingredients to create dinner. With a personal chef, all you have to do is heat and serve.

Of course having a personal chef that can customize meals is way better than having a meal kit delivered, but obviously not everybody can afford a personal chef. That's totally understandable.

As a personal chef, however, you should definitely try out a meal kit so you know what other people are talking about when they mention this method of meal prep.

Robotic Kitchen vs Personal Chef

Not only do we have meal kits to contend with, do you know what’s coming next? Robots! Yes, robotic kitchens.

Kitchens are being built in new construction homes with the stovetop and oven behind a glass partition and inside are robotic arms that chop food, saute and place prepared food into the oven. The complete robotic kitchen is on its way.

Robotic kitchens are currently available only in new construction right now. You would have to do a total kitchen remodel from floor to ceiling to make it happen. Final cost is not yet available, but believe it will start at $40,000 for the minimum small robotic kitchen.

Smart Appliance vs Personal Chef

Besides robotic kitchens, we have smart appliances coming our way. There are some currently in action, but I haven’t seen any in person.

It’s probably not a good time to buy those new microwaves or ovens because technology is moving so quickly. If you could wait a little while longer, you’re going to find that the technology is going to become more amazing and probably more economical too.

The latest are ovens compatible with meal kits, but really, how is it different than getting a frozen dinner from the grocery store?

The Future of Food - I love it!

The future of food is really exciting and I love technology and learning about the latest inventions.

Bottom line, we don’t have to worry currently about meal prep kits versus personal chefs. One is being served and the other is a whole lot of prep, a whole lot of packaging to deal with, and it’s just not a competition.

Personal Chef Questions Welcome!

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