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What's so great about being a personal chef? What are the benefits of having a personal chef career?

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Did you know that I'm also a chiropractor?

I may have a career as a personal chef, but also have a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life West Chiropractic College. Yep, I went to college for eight years to become a chiropractor, but the whole time I was in school, I wasn’t really into it. I graduated then opened a practice, but it was never my calling. Now, I just have a lot of student loans (that I’m almost done paying off, yay!).

Oh yeah, and was a Realtor in my past life...

I also sold real estate for about ten years and really enjoyed that. I learned so much about sales and marketing. If a person can market themselves, they can be successful in any business. Marketing is definitely the key business skill.

Finally in 2012, I landed my current career as a personal chef. Out of all my professions, personal chef is my favorite because of the control I have over my hours. When I was in real estate, I was on call 24/7. Even on vacation, I had to constantly be on top of my email and always had some real estate emergency going on.

Being a personal chef, there’s no such thing as a food emergency. People are scheduled or they’re not scheduled. I show up for appointments. When I leave, I’m done and it's relaxation time.

Clients book their schedules months ahead

Scheduling in advance allows me to see what income I'm projected to make often four to six months in advance, a comforting fact.

My clients are scheduled based on the school calendar year. September through December are scheduled, then when December begins, I’ll begin scheduling January through June.

The summer months tend to be more spontaneous with vacations, though clients always give advance notice if they won't be around for most of the summer. This allows me to seek out other sources of income during the summer months, such as targeting Airbnbs for weekend events.

I'm in control of my schedule

Having a calendar booked in advance allows me to see the big picture. If I already have two dinner parties scheduled in a month, I know not to book a third as I will be overwhelmed.

Scheduling ahead is also handy for booking personal vacations. Tracking my calendar year over year provides me with a known month that would be ideal for vacation, since most of my clients will also be on vacation during that time.

You'll be cooking in dream kitchens with a personal chef career

One of the features of a personal chef career is cooking in other people’s kitchens. I go to some amazing homes and the kitchens are beautiful, often having been featured in magazines.

...with a housekeeper to help

There’s often a housekeeper to come in after me to clean up. Of course, I clean up my own mess, but they come in and really detail when I’m finished. That’s a nice little perk for me!

Clients love their personal chefs!

I enjoy when the client is home while I'm cooking in their kitchen. I’m usually there for about 2.5 to 3 hours and they’ll pop into the kitchen and say “hello!”’ We’ll chat for about ten or fifteen minutes, then we'll both get back to work. It’s nice having those little relationships.

Low overhead

Personal chef pay is very good, equivalent to my real estate earnings, though far less stress. Real estate had a high overhead with about 50-60% of my income going to advertising. As a personal chef, my business overhead is about 5% (excluding taxes).

As a newbie personal chef, my overhead was about 20% as I threw money at paid advertising. It took a while to learn that paid advertising didn’t help much. It was my networking and spreading the word about myself, which is free, that helped more than any of my paid ad efforts.

Unlimited income potential awaits

I appreciate the unlimited ceiling on income with a personal chef career. I can work every Monday through Friday or just some of those days, then choose to work parties on weekends if I'd like. I can schedule as many people as I want because I'm my own boss.

As a personal chef, you could hire employees or independent contractors, since there's only so much time a week that you could work. They could go to cook sessions when you're too busy, so you don't have to turn away business.

Flexible Hours

The flexibility of the career is wonderful. I book my cook sessions at 9am or 1:30pm. If you have kids, you could work just morning cook sessions. As a college student, you could have morning classes and evening classes, working personal chef appointments in between.

Earn 3-5x more working for yourself

Did I mention that the job pays well? I've worked with several catering companies, country clubs and banquet halls. They pay maybe $10 to $15 an hour. As a personal chef, you can make three to five times more than that per hour. You set your own prices.

Great party conversations

Another cool thing is that when people ask, “what do you do for a living,” imagine the excitement on their faces when you say, “I’m a personal chef!” They respond, “wow, really! That’s something I've always wanted to have in my life!”

People aspire hiring a personal chef. Strangers and friends want to know more about your business. When you’re really passionate about something, it’s fun to chat about it too!

Getting paid to do what you love in a personal chef career

Of course, the biggest perk is that I get to cook for a living. I really enjoy experimenting with different recipes. Many of my clients are open to not having the same thing all the time so I get paid to try out new recipes.

Virginia Stockwell, Personal Chef Mentor

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