You will go from "I'm not sure how to begin" to a mindset of confidence. 

You'll learn everything from the point of a customer contacting you for information through the first session and client followup.

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The Meal Prep Business

After consulting with your client about their likes, dislikes and food allergies, as the chef you'll craft a menu of options for them to choose a few meals that you will prepare during their cook session appointment. On the day of the cook session, you'll show up with groceries, confidently cook a few meals, place them in the refrigerator for heat and serve, then leave behind a custom menu with preparation instructions.

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What do I do first?

This Meal Prep Business 101 course will arm you with all the templates you need to get started. Everything is covered, from initial client consultation to the first cook session and beyond.

Are you ready to make your dream a reality?

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You don't have to quit your current job.

You'll be cooking several meals at one time for one client, so they'll likely hire you for once a week or once every other week service. What day are you currently available that you can make this happen? Start with just one client and expand from there until you have several clients to fill your entire work week. Or, keep it with just that one client as part-time side money.

You've always had in the back of your mind the idea that "someday" you'll start a meal prep business.

Have you always wanted to know the answers to these questions?

  • What do I do with extra groceries after a cook session?
  • Should I include nutritional information on the menu?
  • Should I have a client contract?
  • What questions should I ask at the initial client consultation?
  • How do I choose menu items that store and reheat well?
  • Should I bring my own cookware to the appointment?
  • Should I freeze any items or place them all in the refrigerator?
  • How do I package a meal?
  • Should I charge a fee if there is a cancellation?
  • How do I handle purchasing spices, oils and vinegars?
  • Do I buy ingredients at the farmer’s market or the grocery store?
  • Doesn’t everybody want Mondays?
  • What is a personal chef’s uniform?
  • How far in advance should I schedule?
  • How long does a cook session take?
  • How do I know when to cook a meal and when to just prepare it for cooking?
  • How is a typical week scheduled?
  • How do I accept payment and when do I get paid?

Yes, they're all answered in the course "Meal Prep Business 101." 

You've always had in the back of your mind the idea that "someday" you'll start a meal prep business.

Yes, Let's Do This. I'm Ready!

Who is the course for?

  • Cooks and chefs interested in starting a full or part-time meal prep business preparing meals in client homes
  • Cooks and chefs that are ready to have control of their own hours and income in a business they own and operate
  • Cooks and chefs already familiar with pricing, bookkeeping and marketing. If you need a more comprehensive course to include these subjects, Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks is available for you.

Who is the course NOT for?

  • Cooks and chefs wanting to work out of a commercial kitchen (personal chefs work in their client's kitchens)
  • Cooks and chefs looking to do meal deliveries from their home kitchen; health inspections and transportation requirements are necessary in that case and not covered in this course
  • Cooks and chefs needing help with culinary skills; this is a business course and cooking how-to is not covered

everything Meal Prep Business in one place

  • Save time browsing all over the internet for answers to your questions
  • Know what action steps to take next in your business
  • Access to all the business templates you need in one place

Just some of the Templates Included...

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This is a transformational course

You will go from "I'm not sure how to begin" to a mindset of confidence. You will learn everything from the point of a customer contacting you for information through the first session and client followup. You will be able to confidently perform a meal prep appointment for a paying client following this course.

What's Included: The six lesson video course is taken at your own leisurely pace. You can choose to either go at it alone or join the "30 Days of Q&A" where you can ask questions specific to your business while going through the course.

  • Lesson 1: Meal Prep Overview

  • Lesson 2: Initial Client Consultation

  • Lesson 3: Researching Recipes

  • Lesson 4: Preparing a Menu

  • Lesson 5: The First Cook Session

  • Lesson 6: The Second Cook Session & Beyond

The six lessons will cover the behind the scenes of a meal prep business from initial consultation to the first cook session and beyond.

#1 In lesson one, there will be an overview of the meal prep process and we'll talk about scheduling a typical week.

#2 Lesson two will be focused on questions to ask a client during an initial consultation as well as what to look for during the kitchen tour.

#3 Lesson three discusses researching recipes for special diets and allergies including some of the more common dietary restrictions.

#4 In lesson four, you'll learn how to prepare a menu of options for the client, plan portion quantities, and know whether to fully cook a meal or just prepare it for cooking.

#5 Your first cook session will be planned and detailed including packing a kitchen equipment box, creating an invoice, packaging and labeling meals, accepting payment, creating a meal prep timeline, and what to wear to a cook session.

#6 Finally, you'll learn how to follow up and schedule future appointments, ask for referrals, create a client contract, and learn how to track your client's pantry inventory.

What's Included: This course covers the logistics of running a meal prep business, from initial consultation through the actual cook session and beyond.


NOTE: This course is Meal Prep Business 101 only covering the aspects of meal prep. If you've already purchased the course Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks, Meal Prep Business 101 is included. The doors to Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks won't be open for several months. It's a comprehensive course with lessons on bookkeeping, how to get licensed, logistics of meal prep and small events as well as marketing, pricing and the chef-client contract. If you'd like to fast track your success over a ten-week period with the transformation from "I don't know where to begin" to a successful personal chef business, the comprehensive course Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks is for you. 

Other courses available:


This is the welcome module of the six lesson course. You'll need to turn on the volume for full effect. 

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Karen W.

"Virginia is amazing. My husband and I both work full time and find it challenging to get a healthy meal on the table for our family during the week at a reasonable time. Virginia takes that stress out of our lives. She prepares a huge variety of flavorful and healthy meals. We have not have anything we don’t love. Convenient scheduling, no mess, so easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

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Parker W.

"Virginia has provided healthy, delicious, gourmet meals for our family for over a year, and she is invaluable. Her culinary skills are outstanding, and win will over even the pickiest child, including all 3 of ours. She is a pleasure to work with and not only de-complicates our lives significantly (hours back in our day), but makes it possible to have family dinners and truly enjoy meals together."

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Elizabeth J.

"We have been working with Virginia for over 5 years. She is an amazing and original chef. In addition, she is extremely organized and reliable. Virginia will work with your family to create meals that work for your diet and lifestyle. As a household with two working parents, I can’t tell you how much she has simplified our lives. More importantly, her food is delicious and healthy!"

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Carol A.

"Virginia has been cooking for me for over 2 years and I have never had such a good and healthy diet: low salt, low fat, low calorie with no lactose, wheat, red meat or added sugar. She prepares two servings of three dishes each week and they are all delicious, attractive and well spiced. My grocery bills are half of what they were because she she shops for precise quantities. She is a lovely person and it is a delight to have her in my kitchen. Her nutritional knowledge is thoroughly reliable."

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Jennifer W.

"Virginia makes delicious, healthy meals for our entire family. She shops for the fresh ingredients and then prepares the meals in our home for us. We are finally able to have fresh, healthy meals on sport practice nights. It is very important to us to have a sit down family dinner together, and we are able to do this because of Virginia. She also is easily able to adjust to any type of food intolerance. When our daughter was diagnosed with celiac, she made all adjustments necessary to insure that all of our meals would work for her. Virginia saves my sanity and keeps us all on a healthy track. We don't know what we would do without her!"

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Jill L.

"Virginia has cooked regular meals for our family for 3+ years, and has catered parties for me. I began using her services when I went back to work and no longer had time to shop and cook for my family. Her food is delicious and fresh. My whole family loves it (especially her southwest style dishes). Her menus are thoughtful. She remembers your family favorites and introduces seasonal dishes on her menus. Virginia is professional, prompt, and detail oriented."

Still have questions?

Ask away!

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Get all the information you need in one course.

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