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Any business that has had someone cancel last minute will tell you that you definitely need to have a written contract between you and the client. There is no “standard contract” between a personal chef and a client. The contract is unique for each business model and should never be copied and pasted without tailoring it to your business. 

You'll receive a sample chef-client contract as well as detailed instructions for creating a custom contract to suit your business model for both meal prep and small events

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101 Personal Chef Marketing Tactics

101 Strategic Actions you can take with the goal of promoting your personal chef services.

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.

Take Action Today!

  • It's easy to sit at your desk and continue improving your website, but that's a passive task. You're "hoping" potential clients will find your website and contact you. The same goes with social media. You can post and post, then "hope" someone engages with your content.

  • As an alternative, you could reach out and actively engage in the community via participation in community activities or reaching out to one person at a time. You are actively participating in marketing your company.

  • A combination of both active and passive marketing tactics are ideal and both are included. There is no ONE marketing act that is going to create a full roster of clients. You'll have to dabble in dozens of various techniques to figure out the handful that work best for your business and personality. Tactics for both introverts and outgoing personalities are included.

  • This 24-page PDF provides a list with description of 101 actionable marketing tactics for the personal chef service business. It was handcrafted to eliminate fluff and focus on precise actions you can implement starting today that will attract potential new clients.

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