My Story

How I learned to create a successful business, my failures along the way, and why I want to help you build a life and business you love as a personal chef entrepreneur.

I'm in my early college years and the pressure of deciding on a major was closing in on me. My father mentioned his dream of attending chiropractic school, so figured, "hey why not me." That's pretty much how I approach life. I make quick decisions and start taking action in the next hour, never stopping to think it through.

Fast forward to my seventh and eighth years of college while amassing huge student loan debt, I saw my friends loving practicing their chiropractic craft while I couldn't wait to finish class so I could hang out, be social and not talk about my future as a chiropractor.

When an amazing opportunity arises, you have to go with your gut. What do you REALLY want?

Upon graduation, I landed a job at a chiropractic office in my home town where the doctor proposed I take over his practice so he could go into retirement. Having grown up in this small town in southern California, the thought of being confined to this small town forever terrified me. I declined the offer and on a whim, moved to the east coast to start a new life. .

Before moving, I met a spa business owner online who agreed to allow me to open a chiropractic office within her business. With just a few thousand dollars in my pocket that covered first two months of rent and food, I attempted marketing and building my new business.

It's okay to admit failure and move on to what's next.

My lack of business knowledge was evident when I could barely get three new patients in the door a week. After about six months, I had to admit failure and took numerous temp jobs.

Brainstorming how I could build a new business using my past experiences, I stumbled upon a medical transcription how-to book. "I can do this," I thought. I applied to a medical transcription company and started learning the trade. After a week, the owner brought me into her office and told me that I was terrible at transcription and was being let go.

I disagreed with her and instead reached out to a few medical doctors in the area and asked if they needed help. I was welcomed immediately. I quickly grew my transcription business and hired other employees, fast tracking my knowledge of business accounting and payroll.

Alas, along came audio recorders that electronically transcribed audio to written. My job was becoming extinct. Being proactive, I again brainstormed what I could do next. I still had a massive student loan that I was barely paying on and accruing interest by the day.

What do you do when a six-digit student loan is looming over your head?

With the goal to pay off my student loan, I Googled what the richest people America did to to make money and learned that real estate was a profitable business to be in. On a whim, I went for my real estate license and started interviewing at all the offices around town.

Every single office I visited asked how many people I knew in town. When I replied, "maybe fifty" since I'd only lived there a few years, they were adamant I would never succeed in real estate with such a small circle of friends. I found this to be ridiculous because I wasn't planning on selling real estate to my friends when the internet was the obvious place to obtain new clients.

Education is always the key to success.

I approached the last real estate office in town, practically in tears from rejection, and the woman sole proprietor took me in under her license. Not only was I accepted into this office, I learned she had a massive closet of audio tapes, CDs and handouts from all the seminars she'd taken over the past 20+ years. I was so excited. I spent my days driving around town, looking at homes for sale and learning all I could from the masters of real estate via tapes and CDs.

I spent hours creating a professional website describing the area and my niche in the real estate business. I quickly rose to the top 3% of Realtors in my area and started paying off my student loan in chunks.

Following your passion is always a great idea.

While selling real estate, I would take side jobs with local catering companies for fun. I enjoyed the camaraderie among the staff. I learned how commercial kitchens and banquet rooms were run, how human resources in business worked, and how to create an event out of an idea.

Alas, the real estate crash of 2009 arrived and ruined my financial life. I received a note of foreclosure on my home along with daily threatening phone calls from credit cards. I went out and got seven new jobs so I could avoid my phone and all the bills piling up.

Opportunity is always available if you pay attention.

Because I had been doing catering all along on the side, it was easy to pick up jobs at the local country clubs and catering restaurants. I would work one place in the morning, change clothes, then go to my evening job. I did this seven days a week until my bills were caught up and was able to keep my home from getting foreclosed.

Obviously I couldn't work these hours forever, so started again brainstorming about what I could do next. I was always interested in healthy eating. Combined with my catering background and real estate marketing knowledge, I started telling everyone that I was looking for personal chef clients.

The first career you choose doesn't have to be your last.

Fast forward many years later and here I am as a personal chef with a waiting list of clients. My schedule is always full and I enjoy all the families I work with. I've created a streamlined business with systems and processes. My business website is at Simply-VA and fun loving cookbook at A Taco Walks into a Bar.

Looking back, I recall that there was no "how to become a personal chef" information available. I read a few books and hundreds of blog posts, but wasn't able to learn details about what to bring to an appointment, how to charge, or how to create a menu of instructions to leave behind. I had to figure it all out for myself. Thank goodness I didn't succumb to my fears of failure.

Are you ready to become a personal chef?

I want you to succeed in your personal chef business. Preparing you with the knowledge to get started and answering your questions as you build your business is why I've created this "How to Become a Personal Chef" program. Grab the freebie "How to Become a Personal Chef, step by step."

There is now a wait list for the workshop that will guide you from "thinking about becoming a personal chef" to "I have so many clients, I don't know what to do with myself." Are you ready to get started?

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