How to Become a Personal Chef

Decide what services you will offer

In this step, you'll learn the pros and cons of each of the three services a personal chef can offer to decide which will work best for your business model. You'll define your signature offer and determine the target market that would be interested in your signature service. 

There are two video lessons that total ten minutes.

Lesson 1: Choose Your Services

This module consists of two lessons including choosing your services, finding your niche and defining your ideal client. In this lesson, you’ll define the services you’ll be offering. 

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Lesson 2: Define The Ideal Client

Before working on any marketing, you have to get clear on who the clients are that you want to attract to your business. Your ideal client is that perfect individual, couple, family or group that fits exactly into the business model you’ve created. It’s a picture in your mind of the ideal client that wants and needs the exact services that you offer and is willing and able to pay for it.  In this lesson, you’ll identify to whom you will be offering your services. 

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Yay, you finished!

Next, you'll learn how to price your personal chef services. Whether you're offering meal prep, dinner parties or cooking classes, you'll learn the psychology and calculations that go into pricing your services. Personal chefs do not charge by the hour and do not calculate pricing like restaurant chefs.

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