What Kind of Chef Career Will You Begin

There are so many different ways to craft a career out of your culinary skills.

  • open a restaurant
  • start a catering company
  • begin a personal chef service
  • work for one family as a private chef
  • cook and deliver from your home

You want to share you cooking passion, but what career to choose? This PDF includes the Pros & Cons of each of these professions so you can make an informed decision.

Hey, I'm Virginia!

I help cooks and chefs start and build personal chef businesses so they can have control over their own hours and income.

Unlike most personal chef mentors, I don't provide you with a checklist of marketing things to do, but instead introduce you to the principles of marketing so you can build a long lasting business based on referrals and stop wondering where the next client is coming from.


...wanna learn the pros and cons of each career?