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You've always said that "someday" you'll start that meal prep or dinner party business, but where do you begin?

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"Thank you for all of this amazing information. I have wanted to start a personal chef/catering company since I was 16. I am 41 and with 25 years and tons of experience/cuisine under my belt. I am making the moves towards my lifelong goal. I am  honored to have come across your page and that I am learning from you. Thank you."

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"Thank you again for all of your invaluable help. I have been very reluctant to begin sooner because I did not have all of the valuable information that you have provided. So are a life saver."


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"I must first say THANK YOU so much for the invaluable advice that you have provided to me about becoming a personal chef. I have been considering it for a number of years, but wasn't quite sure of where to begin."


About the group coaching - "This zoom meeting was great! It was very informative and I loved how everyone offered their input and advice. It was definitely eye opening and exactly what I needed to hear! I appreciated every word so thank you!!!"

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Specifically for: Cooks & Chefs preferring a low overhead business cooking in client homes

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You've always said that "someday" you'll start that meal prep or dinner party business, but where do you begin?

I'll guide you through the steps of starting your own personal chef business so you can have full control over your schedule and make money doing work you love.

With 10 years of experience as a personal chef and a background in marketing, I'm Virginia Stockwell. I'll share the tips and tricks I've learned, from how to get clients to pricing your services, and the behind-the-scenes of meal prep and dinner parties.

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Everyone had to start somewhere

and everyone has a first day in business


When someone calls to set up a consultation about hiring you as their personal chef, all they're thinking about is, "how can you help me?" They just want to know if you’re able to help them with their problem. Potential clients are thinking about menu offerings you can provide them for meal prep. They’re not at all wondering where you went to school, how long you’ve been in business, or what your liability insurance covers. Their only concern is how you can help them.

Regardless of your culinary education or business experience, there are clients for every background, experienced or novice. Everyone had to start somewhere and everyone has a first day in business.

Download the 10-Step Checklist of Things to Do Before Starting Your Personal Chef Business.