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(Sept 20, 2020) Are business cards dead in the new COVID world?

When starting out in business, having business cards printed is at the top of the checklist. How else would you share with someone at a networking event about your business?

COVID obviously changed how we network with others, but really, wasn't the business card already dead?

If you meet someone at a party, you will usually give them your phone number or have them connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. You aren't handing them a card with your contact info printed on it, so why would you do this in your business? Learn more about getting leads into your business, click here.

Surprising to me, going to my first Chamber of Commerce mixer, I was met with a couple hundred people all carrying stacks of business cards. Their goal was to hand out their own stack in exchange for others' business cards. I did arrive with my own stack of business cards as well, but the thought of this whole exchange seemed antiquated. I took my new stack of business cards home, entered them into my email database, then chucked the stack. It did seem like a giant waste of cash and trees.

Now that COVID has arrived, shaking hands and passing business cards are no longer the norm. What is the new business card? 

Just as you probably guessed, yes, it's you and your online presence. People like to connect in different ways depending on their personality. Some like to call or text while others prefer following you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, while still others prefer subscribing to your email list or joining your Facebook group.

It's up to you to keep your social media updated, since this is the new business card. Each platform should link to your website and include the best method of contacting you. Regular updates to your social media channels and email list will keep potential clients informed and up-to-date.


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