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Virginia Stockwell how to become a personal chef

Hi Chef!

I'm Virginia Stockwell, business mentor for personal chefs, bringing ten years of experience from my own business, Simply-VA, Personal Chef Services specializing in healthy weeknight dinners.

Before becoming a personal chef, I worked in numerous high end catering companies and country clubs in all aspects including kitchen, server, bartender, captain, event coordinator, even rentals. With more than a thousand events under my belt, I've memorized every wedding song possible and can set a perfect table faster than anyone you know.

Prior to entering the culinary world, I became an expert in local marketing selling residential real estate during the bubble. I come to you with a degree of Doctor of Chiropractic, which led me down the path of wellness and eventually specializing in healthy weeknight dinners.

Virginia's Core Business Values:

#1 Every day should be fun! If you don't look forward to going to work every day, make a plan to transition to something different! It's never too late to start something new. Never.
#2 There's no such thing as a food emergency. Stress does not belong in the kitchen. Stressing over a situation doesn't help get to the solution. Things are going to happen whether or not you choose to stress over them.
#3 Good communication is key to a great business. Good communication is more important than a legally binding chef-client contract. It's also what will lead to increased referrals of quality clients.

Many personal chefs start with the intention of working their way into a full-time career, but instead give up due to lack of marketing strategy. I want to make sure aspiring personal chefs have the knowledge and tools available to create a successful business. I'll show you marketing strategies that you can apply with little to no budget.

You'll learn modern ways to market.

Forget those ten to twenty year old books and blogs out there, none of them really discussing the logistics of meal prep and dinner parties. I'll share with you current marketing trends that will bring leads to you on a continuous basis. Are you ready to put in the effort to be head of the kitchen in your own business?

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I'm here to show you how to build a successful business you enjoy instead of operating from fear of where your next client is coming from.

Are you ready to get started and grow your personal chef business into a success?

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Virginia Stockwell how to become a personal chef

I'm so glad you're here, chef!

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Check out my latest cookbook on my fav food topic of tacos and margaritas.

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