Introducing Kiki Coll, Personal Chef

personal chef Aug 06, 2020

Kiki Coll of Hippe Chick Foods sat down and answered questions I thought would help you in your journey as a personal chef.

It's wonderful to see perspectives on how others run their personal chef business. If you'd like to share your personal chef journey, I'd be honored to have you as the next guest post.

Q: Share the name and location of your business, what you do, who are you clients.

A: Hippie Chick Foods, Wilmington, Delaware ~ Serving Up Groovy Recipes serving New Castle County, De.  and Delaware County, Pa. 

Hippie Chick Foods is a private chef service by Chef Kiki Coll,with an emphasis on vintage recipes. My foods incorporate the flavors, feel and most importantly, the memories of past decades.

A Side of Nostalgia with Every Bite! 

I take pride in using locally sourced ingredients from area farmer’s markets, farm stands, and other local product vendors, incorporating the Hippie food movement of farm to table. 

Farm to Table  ~...

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How to overcome the fear of judgment and start your personal chef business already.

personal chef Aug 02, 2020

Fear of judgment is linked to the desire to be liked by all at all times. Obviously being liked by all is impossible, but the fear could still stop some from performing in new life experiences or expressing their true selves.

When someone makes a judgment about you, chances are that moments or days later, that judgment will leave their conscious awareness, but may still linger within you. We’ve all been affected at some point in our lives by something someone else said about us. Words can be hurtful and leave us feeling powerless and vulnerable.

In time, negative words and perceptions from others could begin shaping beliefs about ourselves. This can lead to fear of judgment by others and affect our ability to take risks and enjoy new life experiences.

To secret to overcoming fear of judgment is to get comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses. We're all good at some aspects of life, terrible at others. If you're aware of both, you’re less likely to be...

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Is self-doubt and fear holding you back?

personal chef Jul 26, 2020

Fear and self-doubt are unquestionably the two most common roadblocks to success in life including what holds many back from starting their personal chef business.

When coming face to face with fear and self-doubt, you could choose to either:

  • Be held hostage to your current life just because it's comfortable; OR
  • Courageously face your fears, take risks, and live life to its fullest

Everyone experiences fear and self-doubt to a  different degree. 

  • An inability to realistically assess your competence and skills, "What if I put out the word about my new business and nobody is interested?"
  • Attributing your success to external factors, "I only got this far because my friend gave me my last job."
  • Berating your performance, "They were just being polite when they said they liked my chicken dish."
  • Fear that you won't live up to expectations, "What if I start my personal chef business and my clients don't like the food that I make them?"
  • Sabotaging your own...
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