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  • CURIOUS - I am only just learning about this profession and am not sure it's right for me quite yet - start with the FAQ
  • READY - I'm very interested in starting a personal chef business, but have no idea how to begin - start with Step 1
  • STUCK - I know what I'm doing, but not sure how to go about getting clients - start with Step 11. If you already have a website, you might consider scrolling down to "why is your website not getting leads?"
  • SCALE - I have enough clients and need focus on creating systems - scroll down send a message sharing what you need

95% of Cooks & Chefs Think "Getting Clients" is the First Step in Beginning a Personal Chef Business - this is false

Personal Chefs do not charge by the hour and do not price their services like restaurant chefs price a menu

The majority of your website visitors are not ready for your services - do you have a method of collecting their email to stay in touch?

Even the Most Successful Chefs Had to Start from the Beginning Everyone Has a First Day in Business

It actually isn't failure or judgment that you should be fearing - it's being in the exact same place next year as you are today


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