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Overcome fear of judgment and start your personal chef business


Fear of judgment is linked to the desire to be liked by all at all times. Obviously being liked by all is impossible, but the fear could still stop some from performing in new life experiences or expressing their true selves. 


When someone makes a judgment about you, chances are that moments or days later, that judgment will leave their conscious awareness, but may still linger within you. We’ve all been affected at some point in our lives by something someone else said about us. Words can be hurtful and leave us feeling powerless and vulnerable. 


In time, negative words and perceptions from others could begin shaping beliefs about ourselves. This can lead to fear of judgment by others and affect our ability to take risks and enjoy new life experiences. 


The secret to overcoming fear of judgment is to get comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses. We're all good at some aspects of life, terrible at others. 


If you're aware of both, you’re less likely to be affected when someone points out your weaknesses. If they do point out your weaknesses, who cares? You already know you're not good at that and have made peace with it. 


If you're confident in your abilities and know your shortcomings better than anyone else, judgement can easily be brushed off. You're a unique individual and you're proud of who you are. What someone else "thinks" of you is none of your business. You're not so weak that judgment stifles you from life experiences and living your true self. 


Allowing someone else’s judgment to cloud your perception of yourself makes them a priority and gives them power over your life. Realize that you're the only one that truly knows you. Trust yourself and your abilities. Acknowledge what you're good at and don’t be afraid to own up to things you’re not. 


Let go of any urge to be perfect.  


Today is the best day to life your best life. You are not an average person. 



Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell 

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