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Meal Prep or Dinner Parties - which one


You may be trying to decide if you should begin a business of meal prep or dinner parties. After years of experience, I can share with you that running a meal prep business always comes out a winner.


Dinner parties are usually special occasion one-time-only clients. Meal prep clients, on the other hand, are often scheduled every single week or every other week. Once you have regular meal prep clients, you have a steady income, a stable business and spend less time marketing for new clients.


As well, once you get to know the diets of your regular clients, you can quickly and easily put together a weekly menu for them. Meanwhile, dinner parties take much more effort creating unique menus and proposals for each event along with spending time marketing constantly to get new clients.


You could of course offer small events and dinner parties as a supplement to your personal chef business, but it’s the regular, weekly meal prep clients that will keep your business economically stable and predictable by booking months in advance.



Are you following the advice and incorporating both meal prep and dinner parties into your business? Or are you only concentrating on dinner parties because of a full-time job you already possess?


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

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