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"I don't have the money to start my Personal Chef business."


I'll often receive emails from aspiring personal chefs asking if I have recommendations of where they can get a loan to begin their personal chef business.


Truthfully, this perplexes me. I'm unsure of what they think the costs are going to be to run a service business like this.


For a break down of costs, check out the start-up costs of a personal chef business >>


You can truly start up your personal chef business for about $500. You don't have to quit your current job. In fact, you shouldn't quit your current job since it's paying the bills. 


The personal chef business is not one day you decide you're going to do this then the next day you have a full schedule of clients. It takes time to build relationships and gain new clients into your schedule. 


You'll start off with one client at a time while continuing to work your current job. If your current position just doesn't allow any days of the week off, you will have to make some choices:

  • Obtain a different job that allows you to have the one day off so you can position your first personal chef client on that date.
  • Save up enough money in your current job to be able to take six months to a year off to solely work on building your personal chef business.
  • Continue to work in your current job while dreaming you'll leave "one day". 


Money should not be a factor when starting your personal chef business. You're not going to be renting a commercial kitchen. You're not going to need to purchase kitchen equipment. You use what you have on hand, obtain your first client, and get to work.


There is not a large financial commitment to this new career. So truthfully, what is it that's stopping you?  Message me here >>



Successful Personal Chefs Know That...

What will set you apart from other personal chefs is not what you think (your cooking skills) - it's your ability to market and get new clients. 



You may have been trying to go at it alone, researching over and over "how do I get clients? How do I price my services?"


Working with someone who has been in the personal chef business for years is going to get you to your ideal point in business much faster than trying to go at it alone. How long do you plan on struggling?


I'm here for you when you're ready.


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

As your personal chef mentor, check out all the ways I can help you here >>


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