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(Sept 27, 2020) What part-time job could I do while building my personal chef business?

You can’t decide to become a personal chef today, then start full-time tomorrow. Not only do you have to work at building a clientele, but you also need time to build up systems of efficiency in your business.

Part of building your business could be gaining education and experience from other food service companies as you get your personal chef business off the ground. Of course you could work in restaurants, but have you considered applying at local catering companies or banquet halls? 

Caterers often have a high staff turnover, so if you can show up and become a reliable, active employee who wants to learn more, you will do well. The kitchen is not the only place to learn.

Being a personal chef is not just about cooking well, it's also offering a service. Working front of house at a catering company will allow you direct interaction with guests where you can get a better understanding of their needs. You can also learn a lot about how events are run by working front of house.

Try to get involved in as many aspects of that business as possible. Consider working a day or two a week at several different companies. You will find that the organization of each business varies widely from extremely structured to casually run management. You can learn a lot from those companies in determining what kind of business model would work for your company.

Catering companies usually pay anywhere from minimum wage to $25 an hour depending on your level of experience and how valuable you are to the company. You can expect to work six to twelve-hour days on an "as needed" basis. There is almost always Saturday work, though some catering companies may have weekday contracts with local universities or corporations for a wider variety of scheduling opportunities. The community connections you make will be priceless.


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