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Should I join the national personal chef group?


I am often asked the question of whether or not joining a national association of personal chefs has any benefit to those in the profession.


First, consider what you are hoping to gain from joining the group and if there is a monetary cost involved. If there is no cost, yes, why not join! If there is a cost, what are you receiving in exchange and does this promise appear to benefit your up and coming business?


The promise of sending you referrals or listing you in their national database is not enough of a promise to pay for a membership. 

Consider the consumer online looking for a personal chef. They're not likely going to visit a national website of personal chefs because they don't likely know that one exists. The most likely action is going to be Googling "personal chef near me" or similar search.


The promise of placing the name or logo of the association on your resume is not enough of a promise to pay for a membership. 

People hiring personal chefs do not care whether or not you belong to a national association. All they want to know is whether or not you can help them with their problem, whether it's help with meal prep or an event. 

Having the national association's name on your resume is not going to bring in more clients than your competitor. Your action taking marketing efforts are going to be what brings in leads who eventually become clients.


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