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What’s your chef knife recommendation?


At least once a week, I'll receive a request to share the contents of my kitchen equipment box. These are the tools that I bring to each meal prep cook session. My dinner party box is essentially the same with the addition of Saran wrap, paper towels, foil and plastic baggies.


Before your first cook session at a new client's home, you'll have a consultation and part of that visit is checking out the client's kitchen. You'll open up the cupboards to see what kinds of pans they own as well as their utensil drawers and meal packaging containers.


About 50% of the time, the kitchen is beautifully stocked with new All Clad pans and a variety of barely used kitchen utensils. The other half of the time, however, the client has pans from 1950 and a spatula that looks like it's been to war.


For this reason, I do pack and bring to every cook session, regardless of the home, a standard kitchen equipment box, click here. There's no point in packing a different box for each home!



What's in your kitchen equipment box? Also, I'm curious, what is your favorite chef's knife?


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

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