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You're exactly where you're supposed to be


Have you contemplated where you're at in the your life.


Right at this very moment is what I'm talking about. Do you ever think you are supposed to be at another place in your life?


Well, the truth is that you are exactly where you should be. You are exactly where you need to be right now.


There is so much pressure to be reaching some sort of milestone, some career timeline or these huge goals, but I’m here to remind you that every single day you are laying the foundation of a new beginning.


You are creating small decisions, small actions, small steps that are going to lead you to that big moment.


You may not know what that moment looks like. It may be completely different from what you expect, but every single day you have the opportunity to do something small that will eventually lead you to your dream.


So I want to give you that reminder that you are doing an amazing job! Those little things you're doing to move your dream along, the daily seemingly insignificant actions, really have the most impact on your life in the long run.


It’s easy to compare your life to others. It’s easy to get stuck in this chase of what’s next, but you’re doing it. Right now. Today is a new day. 


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

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