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Design a custom
Personal Chef Business Plan

with the help of prompts so that you know where you’re going and what you need to do next...


Because a goal without a plan is just a wish.


  • Have you not started your personal chef business because you don't have a plan?
  • Do you have a million ideas in your head, but don't know how to structure them into a business?  
Business Plan for Personal Chefs
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How to Start Making Money Cooking NOW instead of waiting for a business loan...

Rather than waiting years to gather enough money to rent a commercial kitchen, start your business by working out of your client's kitchens. 

There are no utilities to pay, equipment to purchase, or inventory to store. Show up with the groceries (client pays for them), prep meals or prep the event, then leave behind a bill for service.

That's exactly what a personal chef does.

Do You Know the 5 Steps
of Planning a Profitable Business?


  • Determine your marketing position
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Build a marketing plan
  • Measure marketing performance
  • Repeat the steps again

I'm sure you noticed that "marketing" was in every step of the way. Successful personal chefs know that good cooking skills do not outperform a competing personal chef business with excellent marketing skills.

What will set you apart from other personal chefs is not what you think (your cooking skills) - it's your ability to market and get new clients!

Business Plan for Personal Chefs


Are you a person who just jumps into action without a plan or are do have a personality that requires much analyzing before action?

This business plan works for both styles of action takers.
You could be taking action while planning
or you could have your entire plan perfected and then act.
Business Plan for Personal Chefs
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Virginia Stockwell how to become a personal chef

Hey, I'm Virginia!

I've been in catering since 2005 and started my personal chef business in 2012. 

Successful personal chef know that understanding who it is that needs your personal chef services and is ready, willing and able to pay for it is key to your marketing plan and the success of your business. 

Are you ready to begin designing a business plan?

What's included in
Business Plan for Personal Chefs

Why a Business Plan

How to Visually Design Your Plan

What Services Will You Offer?

Who is Your Target Market?

What are the Benefits of Hiring You?

What Makes You Different?

The Competition

You vs Your Competitor

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tactics

Turning Leads into Clients

Turning Clients into Referrals

Operations Plan


Final Summary 


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For maximum efficiency, your meal prep and/or dinner party processes need to be on point. This PDF will put structure into your business brainstorming.


Business Plan for Personal Chefs
$49 Download Now >>