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Are you comfortable with your pricing?


Are you comfortable talking about your pricing to potential clients? Or, does it make you squirm and stumble over your words? 


Need help pricing? Check out Pricing for Personal Chefs $94 course here >>


Are you confident when speaking about your service fees? Do you have a service fee structure in place or do you find yourself stressing over calculating a custom quote for every event?


Have you not started or progressed in your business because of difficulty figuring out how to charge?


It's finally time to get comfortable talking about your pricing. Sharing your offering with confidence will land you that new client so much faster and propel you to the success you want and deserve.


Did you know that focusing your promotional messages on money factors will NOT bring in new clients or worse, will bring in clients that question your pricing. Take a look at these social media posts:

  • "Order before Dec 20th to receive a 20% discount"
  • "Call to discuss a quote for your next party"
  • "Chef Teresa, offering affordable meal prep for your family"

Do you see how each of these messages are MONEY focused?


Focusing instead on the experience of a personal chef will bring in quality clients, those who don't balk at your pricing. Pointing out experiential factors such as having more family time instead of being in the kitchen will bring you clients that believe time is more important than money.


Transparency is a hit in marketing right now. Have you tried listing your prices right there on your website? It helps in weeding out the people who can’t afford you in the first place. You don’t want to waste your time on phone calls with leads who in the end really can’t afford you. Listing prices openly allows you to receive only serious people inquiring about your services.


Do you need help with pricing? Yep, I can help with that. Check out the $94 course Pricing for Personal Chefs here >>


Best Wishes, Virginia Stockwell


P.S. Feel free to message any time. I'm a real person :)

TLDR: Check out Pricing for Personal Chefs course for $94 here >>


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