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Personal Chef Life: Expectations vs Reality


When entering the personal chef space, you may have a perception of what life will be like.

Let's plot that against what personal chef life really is...


You imagine a life of meal prep and dinner parties.

Reality is that you'll spend just as much time going to and from the grocery store and your client's home than actual cooking. You'll also spend a lot of time at your desk planning before the actual execution of an event or meal prep. There's also bookkeeping and marketing tasks that are always needing your attention.

If you're not organized and have a good judgment of time, your business could get chaotic quickly.


You may factor in 15 to 30 minutes for cleanup at the END of your cook session.

Truth is that whatever time you've estimated for cleanup...double that and that's how long it takes. Oh yes and what about when you arrive in a client's kitchen and they left chaotically that morning so the remnants of dinner last night and breakfast this morning are all over the place.

Time management is a skill you'll perfect as you progress in your personal chef business. 


You imagine elaborate dinners using unusual ingredients.

The reality is that meal prep families often order the same items month over month. One family could end with a seasonal menu they rotate through year over year.

Also, unusual ingredients are often difficult to obtain. If you have to go to a specialty store or farmer's market to pick up one item, that's just more time you have to spend driving to and from the grocery store instead of actually cooking.



Don't get the wrong impression here. Being personal chef is amazing! You have the opportunity to cook in so many different homes that are often well equipped with modern appliances and amazing kitchen window views.


They're just like us!

What those not yet in the personal chef industry may be thinking is that clients hiring you are "on a different level" because of their ability to afford your services on a regular basis. The truth is that they're no different from you or me.

  • They have their favorite comfort foods.
  • They have the same anxiety we have before having guests over for a dinner party.
  • They also worry about their kids.
  • They're just like us!



Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

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