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Experience is the true teacher.

Look Chef, however advanced your cooking skills, business knowledge or lack of knowledge you think you have...whatever your market size or how long or short you've been in business is completely irrelevant...


It’s not a matter of how ready or not you think you are right now.


It’s simply a matter of how committed you’re willing to be.


The entire concept of commitment is an entirely internal process.


Commitment is free of external variables and circumstances.


No external circumstances constrict or limit your decision one moment to the next to be committed to something.


Committed means “I’m in” no matter what.

It’s happening.

Whatever it takes, I’m going to do it until it happens.

It's telling yourself, “I'm willing to be 100% committed right now."


Are you willing to re-commit right now to your business?” It's a yes or it's a no. There’s no right or wrong answer. 


When you are truly committed, you find a way...

  • Despite how little time you have
  • Despite how busy you are
  • Despite how exhausting your life can get
  • Despite how stressful life can be
  • Despite that you have no experience


You are the one who makes the decision to be committed. External circumstances do not make the decision for you.


It’s not about whether you THINK you’re ready or not. It’s about how committed you are to the outcome.


If you’re committed, you’ll find a way.


Who cares about if you’re "ready.” How many times has something amazing happened in your life and at the time, you didn’t feel ready?


Are you ever really ready, even when you think you’re ready?


This illusion of "I'm not ready" could keep you stuck for a long time.


It’s not just about being ready as it applies to your business, but actually applies to all areas of your life where a big change is needed or wanted.


Sometimes you may not feel ready to take a leap, but how many times have you had an experience where you took a leap because you were ready to let go of something else (like working every Saturday night of your life)?


When you're ready to be committed to your success, I'm here for you. 


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell


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