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What is a personal chef uniform?

When I first started my personal chef business, I had no idea what I was doing as I had no mentor to answer my questions. I couldn't find any help online to basic questions, like what should I wear to meal prep sessions in client homes?

I knew that it had to be some sort of uniform, meaning that I would wear the same style at every cook session. I chose a black t-shirt and jeans. Looking back, wearing street clothes was not showcasing my business in a professional way.

Attending a Chamber of Commerce networking event, I saw many of the members wearing polo shirts with a logo. "What a great idea," I thought. It seems so obvious that a professional shirt with company logo would be part of a uniform, but truly when first starting a business, you don't know what you don't know.

I researched and learned that company shirts are rather inexpensive and printed clothing could include an apron as well.

If you're looking for a brand recommendation, I really like the quality of Chef Works (I am not an affiliate, just love the brand). Their quality is good, fabric breathes well, modern styles and option to have your company name embroidered in a location of your choice.

I've tried many styles and cloth weights and found that I was never comfortable wearing a bulky chef coat. These days, I still wear a polo-style shirt with matching slacks and comfortable non-slip tennis shoes. With weekly washings, I find that the tops and bottoms last about a year and shoes last about six months. 

You should wear what you feel comfortable wearing, both to your dinner party events and meal prep sessions. It could be the same uniform for both or different ones for each service. It could be a chef coat or a professional shirt, each with your company name branded for advertising purposes.

Your uniform should express your company brand and also make you feel comfortable. Some people wear chef coats. Some like to wear chef pants with stripes. Pick a style that works for you.

I created short video here, but it's more geared toward women and chef uniforms, click here.

Successful Personal Chefs Know That...

What will set you apart from other personal chefs is not what you think (your cooking skills) - it's your ability to market and get new clients. 

I'm Virginia Stockwell, a Personal Chef Business Mentor. I help cooks and chefs start and build personal chef businesses so they can have control over their own hours and income.

Unlike most personal chef mentors, I don't provide you with a checklist of marketing things to do, but instead introduce you to the principles of marketing so you can build a long lasting business based on referrals and stop wondering where the next client is coming from.

There's so much more to learn when you join the Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks program. Your business will be propelled so much faster if you reach out for help.

You may have been trying to go at it alone, researching over and over "how do I get clients? How do I price my services?"

Working with someone who has been in the personal chef business for years is going to get you to your ideal point in business much faster than trying to go at it alone. How long do you plan on struggling?



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