(Aug 30, 2020) Your subconscious mind is sabotaging your business

personal chef Aug 30, 2020

You're starting to see success in your personal chef business then suddenly your mind starts rationalizing why you should get out of the business. Your mind doesn't feel safe and wants to shake off the discomfort, escaping back into safe zone. 

Self-sabotage involves behaviors or thoughts that keep you away from what you desire most in life. It’s that little voice saying “you can’t do this."

Your conscious mind is saying, "This is what I want. I want to make more money. I want to bring in new clients. I want to quit my job and do my personal chef business full-time."

Meanwhile, your subconscious mind is saying, "What are you crazy? This is horrible and we're going to end up broke."

The conscious mind wants you to fulfill your potential and the subconscious tries to sabotages you every step of the way. The subconscious mind exists to keep you safe, not to self-actualize. 

When trying to attain a goal you've never achieved before, such as starting a new business, your subconscious gets scared and tries to keep you safe. Your behavior will reflect the fact that you're playing it safe. You might begin to rationalize why you should go back to your old job. You're going to come up with all sorts of "great reasons" why you should get out of this new career attempt. 

If you choose to play safe, you'll continue receiving the same results over and over.  What if instead you question your self-conscious? What if you recognize it and admit that you're just thinking this way to stay safe?

  • The first step is to bring it out in the open. Recognize it. 
  • Next, admit your "rationalizations" are wrong. 
  • Finally, ask yourself how would you act if you weren't playing it safe? 

Act how your most successful self would be. If you're in business and having a hard time taking action because of self-sabotage, ask yourself what would a personal chef already successful in this business do? What would the version of you that's already successful do?

If you go after what you're afraid of the most, you'll ascend to a new level. Your current job is safe and secure. The unknown about the business you're about to build is not secure. You have to build up to security.

If you continue resisting out of fear, you're going to be exactly where you started. Go after the insecurity and you'll find security on the other side of it. Once your business is successful, it will be secure.  

You create the circumstances you resist the most. If you're afraid of losing money so never start your business, where do you end up? In the same place as before. That's what you were afraid of in the first place! Change your mindset and head into what you're resisting. 

Your beliefs have led you to exactly where you are today. If you're not getting what you want in a relationship, career, or aspiration, it's because your false beliefs led you to where you are today. What risk are you going to take today to get out of your comfort zone?


It's wonderful to see perspectives on how others run their personal chef business. If you'd like to share your personal chef journey, I'd be honored to have you as the next guest post. [email protected]


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