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Today is the day!


When was the last time you contemplated your successes? When was the last time you really stepped outside yourself for a chance to smile at all your accomplishments.


Well, today is the day!


Achievements in life are successes you've attained and are proud of accomplishing. What you consider an achievement is very personal. Your friend who underwent a similar achievement may not feel the success that you feel...and that's okay!


These life successes often involve overcoming a life obstacle or challenge, emotionally or physically. It's these life achievements that help us realize our values and goals.


Take the time today to write down three life achievements you're proud of having accomplished.

  • Was the challenge something you created for your life or did the challenge come to you without warning? 
  • How long ago was your latest achievement?
  • Do you think it's time to offer yourself a challenge again? If so...what is it going to be and how are you going to define it as successful?



Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

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