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Become a celebrity in the Personal Chef space


As a personal brand, you already know that the biggest factor causing clients to hire you for services is connection.


In other words, if people don't feel a connection with you, they're not likely going to invest in you and your services.


The reality is that online video is the most effective medium for creating that connection. It's why we feel so connected with celebrities and follow them on social media. 


90% of communication is non-verbal, so people are connecting with all of you, not just your voice, tone and pitch but your whole presence. Your energy.


If you're refusing to do video like many struggling personal chefs, you're basically trying to start a business while hiding from people. Without video, you won't have that real connection. 


The people you follow and look up online to have truly shown who they are. They have connected with you on an intimate level through the power of video.


It's time to overcome your fear of rejection and get on video.


Why does video cause us so much anxiety?

The thought of being on camera can lead to anxiety, causing you to forget everything you’d planned to say and do on camera. 


For many of us, being on camera is stressful and the body may have a physical response to the stress it feels.

  • You tense up
  • Your blood pressure spikes
  • Your pupils dilate


Your brain may become so occupied by the jump in cortisol that it may be difficult to remember words, which explains why so many people freeze up while filming.


What many struggling personal chefs don't know, however, is that in the same way your body tricks itself into thinking the camera is scary, the mind can overpower and convince it otherwise. 


Try starting out with deep breaths to calm your nerves. Breathing techniques can help with stress and high levels of anxiety.



Gain Confidence by Using Video

Negative mindset and a lack of confidence are the sad downfalls of many struggling personal chefs not using video in business. 


There are a few things you can do to boost your confidence:

  • research until you have a firm grasp on your topic
  • practice your talking points until you feel good about it
  • turn on the camera and improvise just to get comfortable
  • remind yourself that YOU are your biggest critic


The purpose of these exercises is to become more familiar with how you look and sound on camera. With familiarity comes comfort.


The truth is that we often try to hide our quirks, but those can make your videos even better. Be your authentic self! Speak to your audience like you have a relationship, not like you're looking for a transaction.


Successful Personal Chefs Know That...

What will set you apart from other personal chefs is not what you think (your cooking skills) - it's your ability to market and get new clients. 


I'm Virginia Stockwell, Personal Chef Business Mentor. I help cooks and chefs start and build personal chef businesses so they can have control over their own hours and income.


Unlike most personal chef mentors, I don't provide you with a checklist of marketing things to do, but instead introduce you to the principles of marketing so you can build a long lasting business based on referrals and stop wondering where the next client is coming from.


There's so much more to learn when you join the Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks program. Your business will be propelled so much faster if you reach out for help.


You may have been trying to go at it alone, researching over and over "how do I get clients? How do I price my services?"


Working with someone who has been in the personal chef business for years is going to get you to your ideal point in business much faster than trying to go at it alone. How long do you plan on struggling?


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

Check out the highlights of the course here >>

  • Week 1: Create a Strong Business Foundation
  • Week 2: Determine your Pricing
  • Week 3: Meal Prep Business 101
  • Week 4: Small Events 101
  • Week 5: Become Legal & Insured
  • Week 6: Create a Lead Generating Website
  • Week 7: Craft a Marketing Plan
  • Week 8: Test Various Marketing Strategies
  • Week 9: Set up Bookkeeping
  • Week 10: Plan a Social Media Posting Strategy

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