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Write & Publish Your Own Cookbook


A taco walks into a bar and the bartender says, “we don’t serve tacos here.” And the taco says, “that’s okay, I’m just here for a margarita.”


That was the premise behind the book that I wrote, “A Taco Walks into a Bar.” This is the cookbook cover, a taco walking into a bar: 

Watch the full video on how to write and publish your own cookbook here >> 



Successful Personal Chefs Know That...

What will set you apart from other personal chefs is not what you think (your cooking skills) - it's your ability to market and get new clients. 


There's so much more to learn when you join the Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks program. Your business will be propelled so much faster if you reach out for help.

You may have been trying to go at it alone, researching over and over "how do I get clients? How do I price my services?"

Working with someone who has been in the personal chef business for years is going to get you to your ideal point in business much faster than trying to go at it alone. How long do you plan on struggling?


In the course Personal Chef Business in 10 Weeks, starting with day one, you'll perform actionable steps to bring you to the finish line. You'll learn how to attract your ideal client, clients who value you and are happy to pay your worth. Learn more here >>


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

P.s. Here's that video link again >>


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