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The 2 Reasons


I'm curious, have you started your personal chef business yet? Or...are you leaning on an excuse for why you have not yet begun?


There are two reasons I commonly hear about why someone has not yet started (or progressed beyond one to two clients) in their business.


THIS IS NOT your reason: You already know your reason is NOT "because I don't have the start-up costs" because working in client homes, the start-up costs are so low that is NOT an excuse to not begin or progress in your business. The absolute requirements are business license and liability insurance. If you're leaning on the fact that you think it costs too much to start, you're fooling yourself. Learn more about the start-up costs of the personal chef business in this blog post >>



Common Reason for Not Starting #1

“I don’t know where to begin."


You might be feeling stuck because you don’t know the next step to take.


The truth is that you've been receiving emails from me for months and months and by now, you absolutely know what the next step is supposed to be.


It's up to you to stop thinking there’s a “perfect time” to take the next step. Will there ever be a perfect time? 


Or, are you choosing to limit your growth because you’re afraid of what somebody is going to say if you take a perceived misstep. Truly, who cares what they think! It's your business, a business you control (not someone else). As an alternative, you could shift your mindset and instead imagine the cheering they're going to give you when they see how successful your business turns out! It takes just as much energy for you to believe one over another. You get to choose where you exert your energy.



Common Reason for Not Starting #2

“I'll never be as good as Chef XYZ."


The second reason you may not have started is that you're looking at the competition then thinking you could never be as good as Chef XYZ in your marketing, cooking, presentation, whatever.


What you're doing is looking at other people’s accomplishments as a barometer for how much YOU have to offer. But...they are not the unique YOU that YOU are.


The reality is that yes, somebody else is doing it better. They are better at branding, better at cooking, they’re more connected and can do more than you. But, just because somebody has all those things does not diminish the power of the thing that you have been put here to do.


It's about time to get into action.


I wish you all the best in life and business success, Virginia Stockwell


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