Creating a 👩‍🍳Chef Website that Doesn't Suck

There are ten mistakes most chefs make on their websites. I see these over and over. Here is my list of the ten mistakes to avoid when creating a chef website.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid when creating your personal chef website

The biggest one is the landing page. When creating websites, I see chefs often putting information about themselves on the landing page. Think about the potential client looking online for personal chef services in your area. When they click on your website, do you know what they’re thinking? “What can you do for me?” They’re truly not interested in learning the chef’s background. The chef’s background should be there, but on a different page than the landing page. The landing page really needs to be all about the potential client and what you can do for them.

Use more photos than words

The second mistake is being super wordy on the website so it...

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What containers are best for use in meal prep?

The question I get asked actually weekly is, “what kind of containers do you use for your meal prep sessions?” I'm going to share my favorite meal prep containers.

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Package meal prep as family-style or as individual servings?

I offer my meal prep services as family-style, so will store a casserole in one dish instead of individual storage dishes for each family member. When cooking for a single individual, three meals of two servings each, I’ll store those meals in individual dishes.

For a family of four or five, placing each serving in individual containers is assuming everyone in the family eats the same quantity. In reality, a young teenage girl will eat a smaller serving size than a teenage boy a couple years older.

What storage containers are best for meal prep?

I like to use glass Pyrex containers that come with plastic lids. The various sizes are one cup (condiments,...

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As a Personal or Private Chef, what uniform do I wear?

personal chef uniform Dec 07, 2019

Today’s question is, “what do you wear as a personal chef when you go to cook sessions?” Is there such a thing as a Personal Chef uniform?

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My first mistake as a Personal Chef

I always talk about the mistakes I made when I first started out. When I first started out, I had zero direction, which is why I do these videos in the first place. I don’t want potential chefs going out in the world, having questions unanswered, so why don’t I just give out the answers.

When I first started out, I decided my uniform was a black t-shirt and jeans. I think it would a terrible mistake for you to just wear street clothes and go into client homes. You’re not showcasing yourself in a professional way.

Shirts don’t cost much. At the least, a simple t-shirt and apron say, “hey, I’m a chef” and not, “hi, I just came from watching TV and now...

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Personal Chef Misconceptions: Do you just cook for old people?

What is a personal chef?

The difference between a personal chef and a private chef is that a private chef works for just one family or individual and a personal chef is employed by numerous families. I work for about sixteen different families currently. It changes all the time.

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I’m a personal chef. Mom and Dad go to work all day and they come home from work. They’re exhausted and the kids are wondering, “what’s for dinner.” They end up probably doing take-out or going out to eat. I thought, “why can’t I go in, make meals for them and then they’ll have healthy weeknight dinners.” I decided this is what I’m going to do. I looked it up and it turned out that it’s a profession. I didn’t even know. It’s a personal chef. There are a few other personal chefs already in my area and I thought, “yeah, there’s enough...

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Grocery Store Tricks 🛒Getting In & Out with Efficiency

I have this personality trait where I love being organized and efficient. I’ve even created a system for visiting the grocery store.

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Yes, I still go to the grocery store instead of having food delivery to the house. I could have food delivered to my house or my client’s house, but my clients sometimes live in the country and food delivery is not even available out there yet. As well, there are a couple things that could go wrong. I want to make sure that the avocados I’m going to use for guacamole are super ripe. I don’t know that the person picking out the groceries and delivering to the house are going to know that I need to make guacamole today. I need those avocados to be ripe. Yes, I still go to the grocery store myself.

Travel Light

When I go to the grocery store, I actually don’t carry a purse or anything with me. I like to keep it as simple as possible because...

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What's the difference between a 👩‍🍳personal chef and a private chef?

Today’s question is, “what’s the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?” This is actually one of my pet peeves, when people call me a private chef. They’re wrong. I’m a personal chef!

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Private Chef Life

A private chef works for just one family, one individual or one couple. They have one employer. A person has hired them and paid them a salary and most likely, benefits. They have set hours or perhaps flexible hours. It’s different for every private chef. They negotiate a contract with guidelines on how they’re going to work. They have set hours on particular days. They’ll travel or won’t travel, etc. In summary, a private chef works for just one family.

Personal Chef Life

A personal chef, which is what I do, works for numerous families. I have about sixteen families right now. I charge by the package. I pay my own...

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👩‍🍳Personal Chef asks, "what if they don't like my food?"

personal chef business Nov 20, 2019

What if your ‍Personal Chef clients pay you for Meal Prep and they don't like the food?

Today’s topic is actually a question posed to me recently. What happens if I become a personal chef and my clients don’t like my food?

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Are you lacking confidence in your personal chef skills?

You know the truth. That’s just you lacking confidence. You know you can cook well. All your friends tell you so. Your family tells you so.

You might think you have imposter syndrome. They’re lying to you. They’re just being polite. Really, you know in your heart that you’re a good cook and are going to make a great personal chef. Just have some confidence in yourself. I’m sure that your clients are going to love your food. But really, what if they DON'T like your food?

Are you listening to your clients?

Part of having a consultation with potential new clients is that...

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