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Marketing 24/7


When you look around at other successful personal chefs you currently follow and look up to...

They ALL have a branded marketing personality that accurately showcase their cooking services.


If you're not hearing praise from your own marketing, then obviously... you're not attracting your ideal clients!




When Personal Chefs struggle because they have no idea how to attract leads into their business, they often give up before even starting.


They think that sharing their "open for business" page on Facebook and posting daily Instagram photos of latest creations will attract new clients. They then get frustrated because nobody is calling about their services.


If you're doing this, you're wasting time marketing to the wrong audience and in a way that is not going to attract your ideal client.


Or worse! Mistake #2...


When struggling...

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Do you possess the qualities of an entrepreneur?



Have you ever sat back and thought about whether or not you personally possess the qualities needed to be an entrepreneur?


The very nature of being an entrepreneur is that we have to be willing to try things without knowing whether or not it’s going to work. Does that fit your personality? Are you hesitant to take any action at all because you’re afraid you’re going to make a mistake? 


I can share with you that being afraid of making a mistake is the biggest mistake you could make.


Indecision is still a decision. It’s a decision to do nothing. And nothing is what guarantees failure. You have to be willing to have the courage to try new things. You have to be willing to have the courage to be curious.


If you try it out and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you suck as a human. It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It means that you’re really good at testing out new things. If you want...

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Are you pricing your cooking the right way?

How are you currently pricing your cooking services, Chef?


Personal chefs do not price their services by the hour. They also do not price like restaurant chefs since clients pay for groceries. Food items are not stored or purchased in bulk like a commercial kitchen. 


How are you currently pricing your services:

  • Based on the competition?
  • Based on demand?
  • Based on your own budget?


Are you aware of the psychology that goes into pricing?


I've created a two-minute read PDF about pricing your cooking services, available for download here >>


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell

P.S. Reply anytime and I'll personally answer.


How to Price Your Services Course available here >>

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This is the year of your Personal Chef Business


Happy New Year! Okay, it may not be January 1st, but...


It's the time for fresh starts, new ideas, innovation and makeovers. You signed up to learn more about becoming a personal chef.


It's time to get out of the research phase and into taking action.


Take a step back right now and ask yourself if you've progressed (or started) your personal chef business in the past 365 days?

  • What have you done to propel your business forward?
  • What are you missing in your business?
  • What have you done to fill that missing gap?
  • Are you trying the same things over and over, hoping for a different result?


Based on a survey over the span of two months, these are some of the responses received from the question, "What's your main struggle in starting or progressing in your personal chef business?"

  • "Finding clients" 
  • "Marketing"
  • "Advertising"
  • "Marketing and getting clients"
  • "Making connections to offer my services"
  • "Getting clients"
  • "Building clientele"
  • "Clients"...
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Let’s look at this concept of confidence.


Have you ever said to yourself...

“I wish I had more confidence. It's then that I will be able to start/progress in my personal chef business.”


Confidence is not something you can buy.


It’s not something you can get at the store. It’s something from within. Confidence is the internal state that you can feel in the present moment based on your relationship with the future.


Think about a time when didn’t have confidence. You were probably telling yourself inside how much you were freaking out and felt like you didn't know what you were doing (even though you probably did know what you were doing).


It’s because your attention was on the fear of an uncertain future. This caused a lack of confidence in the present moment. Your thoughts about the future created present emotions.


“I’m going to go on my first dinner party event. I’m freaking out.

  • What if I mess it up?
  • What if I burn dinner?
  • What...
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Within 2 weeks of landing that job...you know


I want you to imagine getting a brand new job. This is a job you worked for many years to finally get hired. Finally, you landed that position. Then, within two weeks after getting that job, you just know. You just know that this job is not for you. Has that happened to you?


That’s exactly what happened to me. I had worked so hard in school, eight years of college to be exact, to graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic. That degree cost me six figures in student loans.


Around my last year of school, I began to realize that others around me were more excited about practicing than me.


I couldn't wait to finish clinic each afternoon so I could hang out with people who didn't talk about chiropractic. I wanted to escape, but I couldn't.


I imagined that going this far and graduating without a degree would be worse than graduating with the degree and having even more student loans. I continued my studies, graduated, and went to work at a private...

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Meal Prep or Dinner Parties - which one


You may be trying to decide if you should begin a business of meal prep or dinner parties. After years of experience, I can share with you that running a meal prep business always comes out a winner.


Dinner parties are usually special occasion one-time-only clients. Meal prep clients, on the other hand, are often scheduled every single week or every other week. Once you have regular meal prep clients, you have a steady income, a stable business and spend less time marketing for new clients.


As well, once you get to know the diets of your regular clients, you can quickly and easily put together a weekly menu for them. Meanwhile, dinner parties take much more effort creating unique menus and proposals for each event along with spending time marketing constantly to get new clients.


You could of course offer small events and dinner parties as a supplement to your personal chef business, but it’s the regular, weekly meal prep clients that will keep your...

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What’s your chef knife recommendation?


At least once a week, I'll receive a request to share the contents of my kitchen equipment box. These are the tools that I bring to each meal prep cook session. My dinner party box is essentially the same with the addition of Saran wrap, paper towels, foil and plastic baggies. 


Before your first cook session at a new client's home, you'll have a consultation and part of that visit is checking out the client's kitchen. You'll open up the cupboards to see what kinds of pans they own as well as their utensil drawers and meal packaging containers. 


About 50% of the time, the kitchen is beautifully stocked with new All Clad pans and a variety of barely used kitchen utensils. The other half of the time, however, the client has pans from 1950 and a spatula that looks like it's been to war. 


For this reason, I do pack and bring to every cook session, regardless of the home, a standard kitchen equipment box, click here....

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Meal Prep Containers in the Personal Chef Business



I've been asked many times what containers are best for meal prep and truly, hands down my favorite are Pyrex glass containers. 


They're durable, don't leach chemicals into the food, can be microwaved or frozen, and don't change color permanently when acidic foods like spaghetti sauce is added. Here are my favs: 

7-cup Pyrex bowls 

2-cup Pyrex bowls 

1-cup Pyrex bowls 

See all my fav kitchen equipment here >> 


Best Wishes & Much Success to You, Virginia Stockwell 

Check out all the ways I can help you here >> 

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You're exactly where you're supposed to be


Have you been contemplating where you're at in your life? 



Right at this very moment is what I'm talking about. Do you ever think you are supposed to be at another place in your life? 


Well, the truth is that you are exactly where you should be. You are exactly where you need to be right now. 


There is so much pressure to be reaching some sort of milestone, some career timeline or these huge goals, but I’m here to remind you that every single day you are laying the foundation of a new beginning. 


You are creating small decisions, small actions, small steps that are going to lead you to that big moment. 


You may not know what that moment looks like. It may be completely different from what you expect, but every single day you have the opportunity to do something small that will eventually lead you to your dream. 


So I want to give you that reminder that you...

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