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(June 13, 2021) Personal Chef Life: Expectations vs Reality

When entering the personal chef space, you may have a perception of what life will be like.

Let's plot that against what personal chef life really is...

You imagine a life of meal prep and dinner parties.

Reality is that you'll spend just as much time going to and from the grocery store and your client's home that will cooking the meals. You'll also spend a lot of time at your desk planning before the actual execution. Oh yes, and travel time to and from client homes...

If you're not organized and have a good judgment of time, your life could get chaotic quickly.

You may factor in 15 to 30 minutes for cleanup at the END of your cook session.

Truth is that whatever time you've estimated for cleanup...double that and that's how long it takes. Oh yes and what about when you arrive in a client's kitchen and they left chaotically that morning so the remnants of dinner last night and breakfast this morning are all over the place.

You imagine elaborate dinners using unusual...

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(June 6, 2021) Write & Publish Your Own Cookbook


A taco walks into a bar and the bartender says, “we don’t serve tacos here.” And the taco says, “that’s okay, I’m just here for a margarita.”

That was the premise behind the book that I wrote, “A Taco Walks into a Bar.” This is my cookbook. This is a taco walking into a bar. You get it?

I’m going to show you how to make your own cookbook. You can do this in just nine steps. It’s not going to cost you a dime. You can seriously make a book, a cookbook, for yourself for free and publish it and have your friends purchase it on Amazon, Kindle or paperback. This is completely printed on Amazon. An author copy costs me about $2.45. I’m charging about $20 for this one and I get about $10 royalty.

So, let me tell you about the nine steps. Step 1 of course is to pick your subject. You know, what are you writing the cookbook about? Is it about chicken? Is it about Chinese food? Is it about keto diets? Pick your style and...

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(May 30, 2021) Is self-doubt and fear holding you back?

Fear and self-doubt are unquestionably the two most common roadblocks to success in life including what holds many back from starting their personal chef business.

When coming face to face with fear and self-doubt, you could choose to either:

  • Be held hostage to your current life just because it's comfortable; OR
  • Courageously face your fears, take risks, and live life to its fullest

Everyone experiences fear and self-doubt to a  different degree. 

  • An inability to realistically assess your competence and skills, "What if I put out the word about my new business and nobody is interested?"
  • Attributing your success to external factors, "I only got this far because my friend gave me my last job."
  • Berating your performance, "They were just being polite when they said they liked my chicken dish."
  • Fear that you won't live up to expectations, "What if I start my personal chef business and my clients don't like the food that I make them?"
  • Sabotaging your own...
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(May 23, 2021) Is video important in the Personal Chef Business?

As a personal brand, you already know that the biggest thing that's going to cause people to buy from you is connection.

In other words, if people don't feel connection from you, they're not likely going to invest in you and your services.

The reality is that online video is the most effective medium for creating that connection. It's why we feel so connected with celebrities and follow them on social media. 

90% of communication is non-verbal, so people are connecting with all of you, not just your voice, tone and pitch but your whole presence. Your energy.

If you're refusing to do video like many struggling personal chefs, you're basically trying to start a business while hiding from people. Without video, you won't have that real connection. 

The people you follow and look up to have truly shown who they are. They have connected with you on an intimate level through the power of video.

It's time to overcome your fear of rejection and get on video.

Why does video...

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(May 16, 2021) Your Personal Chef Business is a Gift

Do you find yourself constantly researching, gathering information on the personal chef business?

Is gathering information becoming a hobby instead of what you know you should be doing...implementing the information?

There is a turning point in starting absolutely any business when it's time to shift from information to implementation, but how do you know when it's time?

Implementation over Information

There are a myriad of different kinds of personalities when jumping into a new business venture. 

  • The analyst will need to gather absolutely all the facts possible, spending hours and hours online. 
  • The perfectionist will need to ensure every item on their checklist is complete, possibly too much time.
  • The risk taker will dive right in and may not do any research at all, so may appear sloppy.
  • The collaborator will need to have a buddy ready to take the business risk with them because they're uncomfortable taking the risk on their own.
  • The know-it-all...
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(May 9, 2021) Employee Mindset vs. Personal Chef Business Owner Mindset

How do I price my services?

Many personal chefs don't launch their business because they are looking for a scientific formula to answer this question. The truth is that pricing personal service is more psychology than science.

More details about pricing are available here, but this post is about the employee mindset, or charging by the hour in your personal chef business. 

WHY do you think charging by the hour is the way to go?

It's likely you've been an employee of a business your entire life. You may not know any other way! You're currently being paid $20 an hour so your goal when opening your personal chef business may be $25 an hour. 

Truthfully, that's exactly what I had thought when starting my own personal chef business. Charging by the job didn't even occur me. This is because I had always been employee and didn't know any better.

I was stuck in employee mindset versus business owner mindset.

Employee mindset is working as hard as possible with the...

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(May 2, 2021) What does niching mean in the Personal Chef Business?

You hear it all the time, "You need to niche" to bring customers to your business...but what does that really mean?

The dictionary calls a niche, "distinct segment of the market" and yes, that summarizes it, but just somewhat. The last blog post discussed how to get clients into your business and how important target marketing is to your marketing efforts.

As a personal chef, you can't cook all things for all people. If you were having marriage problems, would you call up a marriage counselor or someone who generally counsels all people with all problems? The answer is obvious and so should you niche.

So, is target marketing the same as niching?

Target marketing and niching are two different concepts actually.

  • Your target market is the group of people you serve.
  • Your niche is the service you specialize in offering to your target market.

For example, you and a competing personal chef may both target athletes as your marketing segment, but each of you may offer them different...

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(Apr 25, 2021) How do I get clients for my Personal Chef business?

"How do I get new clients?"

"How can I obtain new leads?"

"The biggest problem I have right now is reaching new clientele." 

"My struggle is getting new customers."

At least once a week I receive an email asking for help with this question.

The problem with this question is that it's completely the wrong question to be asking! 

The question suggests there is one single tactic to bringing leads into your business. It also suggests that there is zero target marketing going on in the personal chef's mind since they seem to want just any client to cook for.

Successful personal chefs know that there is no one secret tactic that brings leads into their business, so they focus on learning the foundations of target marketing which provides them knowledge to create a steady stream of quality clients that are willing to pay for their services.

You don't want just anybody as a client, do you? You want people are willing, ready and able to purchase your services and...

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(Apr 18, 2021) Waiting for COVID to End to Begin Your Personal Chef Business

Instead of thinking, “my business is not coming along fast enough,” what if instead you took the judgement off.

What if instead you thought, “every day I’m becoming aware of things that I didn’t realize. I’m working a little every day on my goal. I'm doing my best. It takes time to reach a goal and that’s okay because I’m learning.”

We’re a constant work in progress in life.

We’re always growing and always changing, but when we add that extra judgement of “it needs to move faster,” “I’m not doing it quick enough” or other negative thought...our growth then slows.

“All this info is Great, Virginia! 

...But What IF I'm Not Quite Ready to Begin Yet?!”

This is about the time where you might be saying, “Yes Virginia, but I don't think right now is the right time to begin my new personal chef business. Shouldn't I wait until the world goes back to normal?" NO.

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(Apr 11, 2021) Private Chef, Restaurant Chef, Catering Chef, Cooking From Home

There are so many different ways to craft a career out of your culinary skills.

  • open a restaurant
  • start a catering company
  • begin a personal chef service
  • work for one family as a private chef
  • cook and deliver from your home

Which one will work for you? It's even possible you may dabble in more than one in your lifetime.



Personal Chef vs. Private Chef

The personal versus private chef is the most confusing to people. In summary, a private chef works for just one client while a personal chef has many clients.

As a private chef, you are an employee of your client and may receive benefits such as paid vacation time or health insurance. Sure, it's great that you have "for sure" income each month, but the drawback is that you are still an employee and lack the freedom of being your own boss. 

The contract between you and your employer will lay out the terms of the job to include days of the week you will work and how long you are guaranteed a job. Even though a...

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